Sunday, 12 October 2014

Rhod in Roath, 19 Ninian RD

As a previos Rhod exhibitor I've been invited to make work for a garden on Ninian Road as part in Rhod in Roath (Made in Roath festival 2014). This has given me an excuse to indulge in a little nostalgia. Growing up in Pontcanna, I remember Autumn in Cardiff being the loveliest thing. Walking to the school bus, crunchy leaves drifting over garden walls and filling the streets, the misty hint of rain in the air, and competitive conker collecting in Llandaff fields, stuffing dad's bike saddle bags with conkers as dusk descended. For a Cowbridge Road girl, Roath was the land of leisure, terrapins, rose gardens and rowing boats, bohemians, ice creams and hanging out. 

                                                                                            Family photos taken in Roath in the early1990s. 

Without wanting to go too gooey and nostalgic, I can't quite resist the opportunity which exhibiting in Roath provides; to reconcile memories with their place, attempt to bring fading memories into now by returning them to the place where they first occurred. I am aware this might be a personal indulgence but could also act as a way to celebrate Roath. 

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