Friday, 9 November 2012

hue and saturation 2

photographs by louise Bird:

After dyeing the cotton I wound tatting shuttles with the coloured thread and made these vessel shapes, each taking about a week to make. the fading graduation of colour highlighting the dyeing process. Displayed on a mirror, the images of the dyeing process on the wall are reflected, as well as the delicate forms themselves and the architect of the space. These are intended to speak of light, hue and saturation.   

Hue and saturation

I wound mercerised cotton for tatting around old spools from my haberdashery box, then soaked them in water. I ground 1gram of saffron in a pestle and mortar with a few drops of water. I added the concentrated saffron to the dye bath, which stained the cotton reels saffron gold. I like the idea of dyeing a lot of material with such a precious plant dye and also the symbolic image of everything being coloured by the same experience.