Sunday, 25 September 2011

On Llanllwni Mountain

For some time I have been noticing all the windmills in the distance, their silent, outstretched arms rotating on the horizon. Their presence on Llanllwni is a bone of contention in the local community, but my interest in them is purely visual. Driving over the brow of a hill and catching a group of them moving in unison has captured imagination and compelled me to see them more closely. I found the access road and drove up to see them up- close. It's a strange atmosphere - it feels like there is loads of space up on the hill and a strange whirring sound comes from the windmills.

 I photographed and filmed through the pinhole camera as well as directly with the camera. I was taken with the reflections and the atmosphere, the presence of the elements, the wind, the moving clouds and with  the strange organisations of  made structures. I don't yet know what I will do with this experiment.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Self Portrait

Over the past few months, as I struggled to commit to drawing on a regular basis I have set myself the challenge of drawing self -portraits. It has become habitual as I strive to capture something which feels true to me- how  I feel about myself and see myself. 

I notice through this practice that I have a tendency to be very literal in my approach to subjects which interest me. I am inspired by the drawings of Anne Goodfellow, who's beautiful sensory drawings created in charcoal often blindfolded, explore the figure through the sense of touch and the work of Rebecca Horn which pushes the boundaries of drawing beyond figuration to say far more about the physical experience.