Sunday, 25 September 2011

On Llanllwni Mountain

For some time I have been noticing all the windmills in the distance, their silent, outstretched arms rotating on the horizon. Their presence on Llanllwni is a bone of contention in the local community, but my interest in them is purely visual. Driving over the brow of a hill and catching a group of them moving in unison has captured imagination and compelled me to see them more closely. I found the access road and drove up to see them up- close. It's a strange atmosphere - it feels like there is loads of space up on the hill and a strange whirring sound comes from the windmills.

 I photographed and filmed through the pinhole camera as well as directly with the camera. I was taken with the reflections and the atmosphere, the presence of the elements, the wind, the moving clouds and with  the strange organisations of  made structures. I don't yet know what I will do with this experiment.

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