Saturday, 9 February 2013

Installation at 54 The Gallery

In this piece, originally a site specific work created for a three storey flour mill, chains of lace tatting run like threads throughout the building. The form of the suspended shuttle suggests a trajectory downwards through the space, a sense of the needle piercing cloth, the transition of memory being passed down. Textiles are often evocative of memory, inheritance, passing down experience through generations. In this video installation, a tatting lesson is taking place between the artist and her grandmother among the sensitive chains of lace, white like flour, blossom or snowflakes falling. 

Camera Obscura photographs on Llallwni Mountain

The box is designed as a perfect volume of space for carrying, containing and protecting. Converted into a portable camera obscura, and fitted with a digital camera, the box is used as a means to view the outside world differently, creating a dialogue between external and internal space. Rugged Welsh landscapes as seen through this ethereal lens provoke alternative ways of looking at material presence. There is beauty in the austerity of the Welsh moorland and the confluence of nature and industry. The camera obscura gives heightened depth of field and a dreamlike quality to the photographs.