Sunday, 16 February 2014

Seeing red... ( and blue)

..the serendipity of sightseeing, drifting through my own neighbourhood in Llandysul and Pontweli. 

I went out with a blue and red marker pen and a book of marker paper under my arm with a view to draw en plein air, referring back to an art school exercise, using only two colours to create perspective and depth. After drawing several street intersections from the bypass flyover I wondered into the Jones & Davies (Fruit) ltd. yard to discover the wonderfully sculptural pallet stacks, resplendent in blue and red. perhaps it was the phenomenon of perceptual vigilance, of noticing the red and blue because I had those coloured pens in my pocket, but the precariously leaning towers offered an intriguing challenge. I shouldn't have been so surprised a week later when I found they had all been re-organised. I was attached to the snapshot in my mind and forgot that these pallets are used to carry fruit and veg around the country, evidenced by a solitary cabbage leaf on the ground. This is when I began a regular routine of visiting and documenting the shifting sands of my new site, a drawing in many stages over time.           

Stage in a drawing made later away from the site. pencil, ink and white emulsion.

First drawing trip with marker pens.

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